Platforma | Adjustable Fiberglass Platform Ladder with Full Surround Handrails

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The Platforma is our new adjustable fiberglass platform ladder with far superior cababilties to any other ladder in the market. Each model comes with wheels and surround guardrails, which saves the user from having to tie off. We have 3 models, but the most popular is our 5-9 Step PLATFORMA with an adjustable 4ft 8in - 8ft 6in platform height. 

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  • Height adjustable for working off a large safe platform at variable heights
  • Platform heights adjusted through each ladder range in seconds
  • Set front and back stiles to varying heights for working on steps or uneven ground
  • Handrail allows for 3 points of contact Large rubber feet for stable grip and hard-wearing
  • Rated to 300lbs for industrial applications
  • One-piece, smooth operation – simply folds flat and locks
  • Made from high-strength non-conductive fiberglass

Download Spec Sheet - Platforma Spec Sheet