AdjustaStairs W/Mid-Landing

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ADJUSTASTAIRS W/Mid-Landings for High-Access - 22 Steps + 
SafeSmart LLC Patented Design
Mid-Landings every 12' are required on a lot of sites, particularly under CAL-OSHA regulations. The AdjustaStairs with the mid-landing built-in can be set up just as quickly as standard AdjustaStairs and come with an H-Brace built in for additional ground support. 

The High-Access is the same design as the standard AdjustaStairs, with the added structure of a bolt-on truss underneath for reach from 16' - 32' high.

Looking for a SAFER, FASTER, and more EFFICIENT,  means of access and egress? Look no further than the AdjustaStairs...
The AdjustaStairs are specifically designed to replace job-made ladders, extension ladders, and in some cases, switchback stair towers.
Each model of AdjustaStairs is height adjustable and comes with self-leveling treads, which allows them to be used at a variance of pitch angles, at multiple heights, across many different scenarios on site.
Whether you need access down Excavations, up to Slabs, from deck to deck or other landings, the AdjustaStairs have you covered! Due to the innovative and simple design, they are a much safer and more efficient alternative to traditional methods.
The AdjustaStairs ship to your site assembled and ready to install. The install can be performed by as little as 2 people in 5 -10 minutes.

  • Treads self-level to suit any height within the stair’s range
  • Lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum for easy relocation around the site
  • One-piece unit can be set up in seconds and joined in-line
  • Safe, fast, easy access between floors, decks & in trenches
  • Folds flat for easy storage & transportation
  • Durable - built to last
  • Available with fiberglass stiles and rails for electrical safety
  • Available with open raised tread to shed snow, ice and mud, and increase grip

Stair weight capacity 1100lb 

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PLEASE NOTE: The AdjustaStairs are considered a replacement for ‘ladders’ on-site and a replacement for stairs up to the 12’ high. ANSI allows for high-access without a landing in this application, however, if your site is under CAL OSHA authority, then you will need a mid-land at 12’, as CAL OSHA supersedes ANSI.  

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