CantiDeck - Crane-loading platform

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The fastest loading platform for relocation and installation. High Working Load Limit capacity to enable loading of a wide variety of materials and equipment.


We provide on-site training, provided so that site operatives can relocate platforms safely, when required on site.


Systems such as the CantiCrane can reduce overall project time. Less expensive than complex scaffolding systems.


  • Widely known as the fastest loading bay for relocation and installation.
  • Large working load limit capacity and available with multiple configurations to suit most projects.
  • Available in a variety of sizes, with bespoke solutions available to suit requirements.
  • Unique single prop design reduces the weight of the deck and the reaction loadings to the structure.
  • Quick and simple to install and relocate.
  • All installation and relocation training can be provided by our on-site training team.

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