Safety = Efficiency

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Safety = Efficiency

Richard Jones, a recently retired Turner Construction safety advocate outlines the growth of productivity and decrease in work-place incidents in the recent WorkSAFE Podcast.

Incase you didn't know, Turner Construction is one of the largest construction companies, working solely in commercial construction.
In 2011, Turner Construction noticed they had a sizable problem with work-place injuries. They began daily safety meetings and wearing PPE - but the incidents continued. The company found that nearly 75% of their workplace incidents involved a ladder. Employees were getting hurt climbing and carrying ladders, and numerous other risky behaviors, like "walking" a ladder.

The company needed a solution, so they introduced the "Ladders Last Program"

The Ladders Last program focuses on making ladders the last option for working at heights. A fall from a ladder can result in a serious injury, or even death. Although using fall protection can help reduce the chance or severity of an injury - it can’t eliminate it completely. The best way to avoid a ladder injury is to not use a ladder at all. Work is just one part of employees’ lives. The program makes sure they get to enjoy the rest: their family, friends, and the people they have relationships with.

Since 2011, Turner has seen a massive impacts to their productivity, resulting in quick turn around on their landmark construction sites, like the 65 sport stadiums and arenas, and countless high-rises around the country.

Now I leave this question with you, have you analyzed every access solution before reaching for a ladder?

Watch the full podcast here: